Update I-94 on H1 B Visa

Hi All,

Last Year, My employer filed my H1 B extension and I got 3 years of H1 B valid till 2018

I went to India in Jan 2016. Got my H1 B stamped in mumbai consulate.

In Feb 2016, Immigration officer gave me I-94 validity date as OCT 2016 because my Indian Passport was expiring in OCT 2016.

I got my new Indian Passport.

How can I update my I-94 date ?

I would like to know all the options I have at this moment.

Thanks in Advance


See if there are any CBP offices at airport near your place. Just go in there, explain your situation and see if they can extend it.

The nearest Airport is 2 Hours drive away so I called them and they said you have two options.

  1. Leave US and Re-Enter
  2. Ask your employer to file I-539

However, My employer’s attorney is saying that you have two options.

  1. Leave US and Re-Enter
  2. Filing H1 B extension.

I am looking for an option to update my I-94 without leaving US.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Thanks for taking time to read my post.


If the employer is willing to file H-1 extension, then go for it. You will get extended petition along w/ I-94. As it would be through same employer, the fees wouldn’t be that high as well. You would also have the option to upgrade to PP (if need be).