Unused L1B visa stamped - Employer changed due to acquisition-Is my L1B still valid?

Hi, I am from India and in a typical situation which I didn’t find anywhere in the redbus2us or other immigration forums. I hope redbus2us will help me. Let me explain it.,

Employer-A have processed my L1B and the visa stamped on April, 2014. This will expire on Apr 2017. I never used this L1B visa (didn’t travel in L1B yet). This is because of a company acquisition, which happened after that. My portion of company (of Employer-A) has acquired by another employer (Employer-B). Please note only a portion of Employer-A has acquired (But most of the other entities of Employer-A still works in the old name). Because of the acquisition, Employer-A was not ready to take me because the acquisition policies were not clear at that time. By July 2016 my employer name is completely changed to Employer-B in all documents (including salary stubs) and now I am an employee of Employer-B.

So my question is, since i have a valid L1B (expires on Apr 2017), can I apply for US opportunities with Employer-A and utilize the same L1B visa to move there? (With L1B amendments). I have noticed that in L1B rules, USCIS mentioned that the L1B applicant must have worked abroad (Outside US) as permanent employee at least for one continuous year in last 3 years. So I believe I am still able to proceed with L1B for employer-A. Please, please clarify and suggest which would be great help for me.

Thanks in advance,