Unused H1b petition, I797c approved but 221g yellow slip


Iam a new member. Sorry this might be a repeated question. one employer filed H1b in 2011 for which i got I797c approved for 1 year (i.e., from 26 july 2011 to 25 july 2012). Then i went for stamping and got 221g yellow slip wherein the documents such as tax slips, client letters were asked from the employer end which the employer A was not able to give. Then through another employer i got B1 approved for 10 years. Until now i never travelled to US. Could anyone guide me on the following:

  1. Can this I797c be used again under cap exempt category?If yes until when it could be used?

  2. Will this cap exempt petition be filed newly again with new receipt number being generated and does it need one more approval from USCIS for I797c?

  3. Will this cap exempt petition come under H1 transfer which means if any advertisement says H1 transfer is considered can i apply for it?

  4. In general what is the process for the employer to take up such unused petitions like will they ask money, or should they apply for an appeal to use this petition and what is the success rate?

  5. If get visa stamped, then for how many years will i get the H1 visa now?

Thanks in advance