Unsuccessful H1B Visa Hyderabad Consulate 2015!! (HELP NEEDED)

Hello All,

I done my master in USA and I had been working for a big five company as a a full time USA employee,(So, no legal or employer Issues) I came to India for my visa stamping.

I had my Visa H1b interview 2/10/2015, They had given me 221(g) white slip with two options marked in it

a) The very first option that I will receive an update by email and II can follow my case and

b) Last but one option that my case is going through administrative processing and my decision is pending.

and updated me that my visa is being additional administrative processing.

During the interview the interviewer asked me following below questions.

VO- Visa Officer

ME: Hello Good Morning
VO: Hello

Vo: Your passport please
Me: Provided my Passport.

Vo: Which company are you working for
Me: XXXXX services Usa Inc

Vo: where is it located
Me: Its in XXX, .

Vo: Have you been stopped/pulled at the immigration.
Me: no, not that I remember.

Vo: Have you ever been stopped in the the year 2013.Like while entering the USA( like for unusually food items…etc)
Me: No…

Vo: she called the employer next to her ( I she didn’t understand something …)and she was discussing some thing.

Vo2: have you been stopped even for second check up at the immigration.
Me: No …
(Reason: I had traveled only once back to India during Dec 2012- Jan 2013 during my study vacation)

Vo: Can you please wait in the lobby, we will call you.
Me: Ok.

After 50 mins of wait time…

Vo: OK sir, your application is going through additional administrative processing. you will be receiving further instructions in an email.

Vo: again sir have you been stopped at the immigration…
Me: as mentioned by me earlier, I had never been stopped in the year 2013, but in the year December 2012 while leaving to India from USA, in the initial security check I was carrying my perfume in my carry on, during the initial security scan they told me that I was carrying 0.2 ounce more than the allowed limit and then i had disposed my perfume .

Vo: you should have told be before
me: I was thinking This is not related to immigration check, its a general airport security check.

Vo: ok sir you will be receiving the next instructions in the email.
Me :Ok. Thank you.

Visa officer(Vo) didn’t not ask me even a single document.

My case was created : 02/10/2015
My case was updated: 02/13/2015

It been like two weeks now (02/25/2015), but there was no Email neither any kind of update, I am getting so tensed for what needs to be done next. Can any one please let me know what can be done next please , your help is really appreciated.

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Its a mistake you did that you didn’t mention that you were stopped for so and so reason. You also mentioned in the conversation that they asked you for almost 3 times and you repeatedly said NO. This is certainly not acceptable to VO. Things are taken very seriously by them. It may be just a perfume bottle for you, but for them its a security threat. Hopefully after further investigation they will simply ask you to drop the passport for stamping or if their suspicion is more they may simply deny your visa. I wish you good luck.

Thank you for you Response…All the time during the visa interview the Visa Officer was asking were your stopped at immigration check while entering US…

The above incident is not an immigration check…I May be wrong…but Thanks again for your quick response.

keshav01 … Did you end up getting the visa? How long did it take?


Its been like two years now since the incident has happened. but I received my passport exactly on the 30th day after the interview. with successful Visa Stamping.