Uniwaysoft Review


I have been offered a H1B sponsorship from uniwaysoft.

I just wanted to get a general review on the company.

Please share your experience with this company.


I am also offered for the same. Someone please share.

Hi Nagraj,

I would like to discuss with you on this. Could you please call me on 9900032465.
Or, pls give me your mobile number/email id for me to contact you.


also please let me know whether they are genuine or not?

Hi Prospective H1B Visa Seekers,I sought help to file my H1B visa in the last cycle (2016-17) from Uniwaysoft, and got cheated off of USD 4000 by these FRAUDS; the main perpetrator of the fraud being a person by name [b]Kranthi Bheemanandam /b. Website: http://uniwaysoft.com/Please note that these guys are COMPLETE CHEATS. They start off pretending to be an organization with a decent presence in the US but that is complete nonsense! They most certainly DO NOT file your H1B visa, but take your money and put you through unbelievable levels of mental torture! Here is a step by step list of their mode of operation:1) They advertise on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. seeking out candidates who are willing to pay money to get their H1B visas filed.2) Once they get an unsuspecting candidate to respond, they send mails from kranthi@uniwaysoft.com or hr@uniwaysoft.com asking you to send your resume in a format required by them.3) Next, they tell you that currently they are unable to bear expenses for the visa filing and if you are interested to pay the amount for the processing, they will go ahead with the filing. In my case, they asked for $5500 and said that if my visa wasn’t picked in the lottery, I would be refunded $4000 and $1500 was the non-refundable attorney fee.4) There is no interview or any such thing that takes place as mentioned on their website. Their one and only aim is to get as much money as possible from dumb candidates who are stupid enough to be cheated by them. (I completely realize the extent of my stupidity in trusting these cheats, but I was in a desperate situation. And it is exactly this desperation that these guys prey on!)5) They ask you for scanned copies of all your mark sheets, work experience docs, passport scanned copies, etc.6) A week or so before the H1B visa filing happens (1st week of April), they add you to a Whatsapp group of about 25 people by name H1B 2016-17 (changes according to the year, of course). You start feeling a sense of security in numbers as everyone on the group seems as anxious as you are about the visa process and you feel like Kranthi & Co are being very transparent.7) Around the time the visa results are announced, that is by end of April to 1st week of May, they go missing and do not respond at all on the group (or to calls/ emails). The others in the group start complaining and getting worried. A few people start threatening them.8) By 2nr or 3rd week of May, they send a mail from hr@uniwaysoft.com to you and say that unfortunately your profile wasn’t selected and only 2 of the 30 profiles they filed visa for got selected in the lottery. They tell you that they will be refunding your money very soon.9) The most interesting part of this “lottery results” is that not a single person in our Whatsapp group got their visa approved. When asked for details of the 2 chosen ones, Kranthi Bheemanandam simply said that “They are not in this group” and went missing. This is the time when you start worrying that you have been duped but the best is yet to come!10) They again go missing on the Whatsapp group, do not attend your calls or reply to your emails for about a month. Then they slowly start a new drama saying that their USA partner (Ashvin Ranpariya is the name they told us. This may of course change this year) has ditched them with all our money that we paid for visa processing and also, our rejection letters from USCIS are gone.11) After weeks and months of mental torture and no response, they keep dodging things until you finally give up and decide to file a case with the police and tell them so in a final angry mail. This is when they throw you a bone and give you a partial refund ($500 in my case), just so you don’t file a case.12) Another few weeks of calling them nonstop, going over to their supposed office in JNTU, Hyderebad (which FYI is a dirty single room with two computers in a shady looking building), after sending people you know to their office and unbelievable levels of mental torture, they finally refund your money, but not before making you run behind them for months.SIX MONTHS to be exact. Just imagine the level of mental torture one goes through!13) When asked about rejection letters, they feed you the same bullshi*t again saying that their US partner ran away with the money and rejection letters and that they were refunding whatever they could out of their own pockets and by mortgaging their houses. Their excuses are so ridiculous, you wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry! In the meanwhile, they will continue to party and have the time of their lives and even have the audacity to post jokes and pics from their Singapore/ Malaysia trip on Facebook!But on the Whatsapp group they will tell stories like “My mom is in hospital”, “My sister gave birth to baby so I was busy” and other such primary school children level rubbish excuses!14) Please note that I was fortunate enough to get my refund ($4000 that is. The $1500 have gone with the wind!) because I had enough resources to track them down. But there are a few in the group who still haven’t received their refunds.To summarize, if you file your visa with Uniwaysoft and Kranthi Bheemanandam, you will be CHEATED, TORTURED (mentally), FRUSTRATED and DEPRESSED!Other Important Points to Note:• They call their “India Office” Suntech Enterprises India Pvt Ltd.• They claim that after being cheated by their imaginary USA partner, they have changed their name from Uniwaysoft Inc. to Uniwaysoft Group Inc. and expect us to believe this is a logical statement. LOL!

was ur visa applied? what was the process?

We at Uniwaysoft strive to give the best place to work environment to all our consultants so far.
This is a spam post without name and contact number
We can provide the attested copy of the list of consultants who worked for us
We are taking legal action against the person who has posted this incorrect post to try to spoil our reputation in the market.
A court notice will be sent to resolve this claim for both the suspected persons Archana and Shivashankar
Anyone who wants to verify us are welcome to send an email to kranthi@uniwaysoft.com regarding this post.
Here is the link for our last year filings: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/0B08Y0h9zqMMcTHVGNHhwLVVxTEk

Mr. Bheemanandam,

First things first, not providing a name and contact number in the review is my prerogative. I have taken effort to write about my negative experience of dealing with you so that I can warn potential H1B seekers who should know what they are signing up for. Something that I was not aware of when I made the mistake of forming any association with you and your “company”.

I can give 100% assurance that every single point I’ve mentioned here is true. I even have your mails from your office ID (80 emails spanning over almost 1 year when one company partner accuses another of fraud and abscoding with money) and Whatsapp conversation backups to prove this. As for your laugable claims of “legal action”, it is ME who should be taking legal action against YOU for putting me through so much mental torture!

And since you claim to be such a “reputed company”, can you please tell me what your office address is in India and the US? The “# 302, VBR Enclace, Street 11, Western Hills Colony, JNTU, Hyderabad 500092” address mentioned in your website is not even an office as I have said above. It is just a tiny room in a commercial complex where no one, not even the watch man knows anything about the existence of “company” of yours. And every time we try visiting the “office”, it is closed.
And as for the the US address “575 Clearwater Largo Rd, N Apt 15, Largo FL 33770” that you have mentioned on your website, it seems to be an apartment complex. In my eyes, your credibility ends there.

To All potential H1B seekers,
I request you to kindly think twice and visit their offices in Hyderabad or Florida as they claim and then proceed with these people for filing. Don’t make the mistake that I made of trusting this “company”!

Hello Archana Rajkumar
Will soon see you in the court. Wait for my court notice to your coimbatore address. Please let me know if you dont receive it by next week.

I Agree with Kranthi Bheemanadam. If they are really cheated someone then their is no need of hiding their names to write a review.

This is Priyanka, even i filed my H1B for last year. They fulfilled all their promises, they
gave my LCA copy, courier tracking number and rejection notice.

There you have it folks! Filing your visa with these people will result in mental torture PLUS threat of court notice. Good luck to any one who decides to be associated with this “company” ever in future!
And oh, there is no point in revealing name becasue names can be IMAGINARY & MADE UP (which I assume “Priyanka Chandragiri” is).
I refuse to indulge these people any longer so I am not going to reply to their pointless messages after this! Like I said, GOOD LUCK to anyone even bothering to deal with these people!

Hello Archana, we just sent a notice to your husband’s company HR, might you hear good news today or monday. Welcome back to India.