University sevis still active after h1b approval

I came here on F1 visa, and my 3 years of OPT was expiring on 15th February. I however had my H1 application denied, and applied for MTR. Since, I didn’t know how much time it might take, I took admission in another university which gave me CPT in January. My H1 got approved on 13th February. I got the approval letter and it says the change of status is approved. However, my university says that my SEVIS is still active. What do I do here?

Original STEM-OPT expiring: 15th Feb

New university admission: Jan 1st week

H1 approved: 13th Feb.

If you have your H1B approval with COS approved, you talk to the DSO at the school you have joined in Jan and tell them that you are on H1B now and your SEVIS has to be update accordingly. Some of these systems are not fully connected and they need to do a data fix, if needed. Also, discuss with your attorney who filed H1B and take appropriate action.

Hi Kumar,
Thanks for the reply. So is the DSO responsible for fixing this?