University near Bay Area, Santa Clara or San Jose?

I am interested to apply for F-1 Visa for Masters degree and my family (wife+3children) will be accompanying me as dependents. Can anyone suggest a university which will provide me with I-20s for all of us and conveniently located near Bay Area, preferably in Santa Clara or San Jose. I already know about SCU and SJSU. If any one knows any others suitable for me please suggest, your response will be highly appreciated.


If you get admission, any school will provide you all the respective documents from immigration perspective. You need to decide on why you want to study at school…What drives you pick a schoo, is it research or anything specific about it…Just jumping into any school is not the best approach…Take time to reserach schools and find the one that fits your goals for higher education. Read these

	[Goal for MS in USA ](

	[Study MS or MBA after](