university address error in i-129 form?


I got my H1b approved, however after receiving the package of documents from the lawyer, I noticed that there is an error in university address in form i-129 page 20. what do I do, before going for H1 b stamping?

I-129 measures the truth of relationship between sponsor and applicant. The error that you mention is not relevant to measuring the relationship; I don’t see a need to apply correction. Is it a very big mistake like university name or location state?

I got my H 1 application picked in master category and there is an error in my university address in the application form. My university is situated in wichita falls, Texas, however the address in of IL.

Please ask the responsible party to issue a letter that corrects the record; it must be your company’s law firm that made this mistake. Your I-129 doesn’t need to change.