Unique situation before stamping..How to handle?

My petition is approved and m planning to go for visa stamping. However i am in unique situation as following happened to me. Need your help…

  • I have applied for h1b in march for Company X from US when i was working with Company A in india.

  • this time because of lottery, i wasnt sure whether i will be selected in lottery or not. So meantime when i have got another offer from Company B from india. So i have accepted the offer.

  • i have joined company B in august and now i have received petition approval and planning to go for visa stamping in sep 1st week.


  • Should i mention my new company B in my work experience while filling DS160?

  • If i show company B, will it have any impact when i search for job once i will be in US?

  • If i will fill DS160 with Company B, What if visa officer will ask why you joined company B same time when you have applied for h1B?

I was confused how to handle this situation.

Immidiate answer will help…Awaiting for your response.

  1. Yes

  2. No. Also, why will you search for job in US? Your employer is X and you have a job w/ them. They have to pay you the salary when you are in US.

  3. I haven’t seen them asking such questions. Answer truthfully - better prospects etc