Understanding H1B VISA- Limitations and process

Hello Expert,
Kindly advise on below:

If employer (sponsoring your H1B) is having multiple clients at multiple locations and you are working for client-1 (your H1B and respective LCA is relevant to that client-1 only), is it legal to work for other client (client-2) from same employer provided:

  1. You are not working from your employer location
  2. You are working from Client-1 location
  3. Your LCA is tagged to Client-1 and employer location (but not to cleint-2 location)
  4. Your work for cleint-2 is remote work.
  5. Your LCA is only 40 hours but you need to work for 80 Hours (40 hours each client)
  6. Any other thing I need to know?


You can work for multiple clients/projects for same employer as far as the end clients ate disclosed in the LCA with the address from where the work will be performed.
Consult your employer’s immigration lawyer for further guidance.

Thanks , if LCA is only for client -1 , the amendment is possible?

Yes, your employer can submit a new LCA and apply for amendment to the current H1B.