Unable to register for GRE due to different name in Passport


In my passport, the name printed is ‘RAMAKRISHNAN ABHISHEK’ (given name).

There is no surname printed on my passport. In addition, my name in all of my certificates and other ID proofs is ‘R K Abhishek’.

I am totally confused about what name to write in GRE registration form to avoid any issues later. Surely I can’t write ‘R K’ (fist name) ‘Abhishek’ (last name) as ETS doesn’t allow spaces in first name. But since the surname is blank in my passport, will it cause any issues if I write first name as ‘RAMAKRISHNAN’ and last name as ‘ABHISHEK’ while registering for GRE?

Also, from what I have read till now, it seems that short forms of surname should be avoided. However, if I write my name in expanded in GRE registration, will it cause issues when I send SOP, official transcripts and recommendation letters to universities later? This question is coming only because all my official transcripts have short form version of my name ‘R K ABHISHEK’

Kindly help me out with this.

Hoping to get a reply soon as I am already running late to register for GRE test in August 2013.

Check if there is an option to enter LNU - Last Name Unknown

or SNU - Sur Name unknown

Some FNU people do that (First Name Unknown)

I checked, there is no option like SNU or FNU while filling GRE form.
Anyways, thanks for the quick response.

Hoping to get more help with this.