Unable to pay fees, thinking to go back to home country

Hi all,

I am doing my second Masters with no funding. I am about to finish my second semester but unable to pay the fees due to my financial situation. I am thinking to discontinue and go back to my home country. I would like to know what would happen if I don’t pay the fees and leave. Would it affect my F1 or H1b in future in any way? I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you !

Sorry to hear about your situation. You are here in the US and there is a reason why you decided on this path. Have you tried for a loan? Student aid loans are available with terms that can be negotiated. Your future F1 or H1B will not be affected. However, a question will come up around your abandoning the F1 and if your education is complete and equivalent without the US component for any H1 applications.

I think you don’t have to pay the fees and you can leave without affecting your future only if you mention particular bad situation of home so that you have problem of coming money from home. I think you should inform to International Admission Office and to the Registrar’s Office. If your home situation is bad due to unpredictable cicumstances like earthquake, landslides, hurricane etc…the Office of Registrar may be able to waive your tuition fees or you can take leave for one/two semester withour affecting your F1.