Unable to go past the first question on ustraveldocs visa appointment process

I am facing a weird problem with my ustaveldocs account. When I try to begin my visa appointment booking process, I am unable to go past the first question regarding the type of visa (immigrant or non immigrant). It keeps bringing me back to the dashboard page with blue squares which look like links but are nothing. I have used this account for past 15 years booking multiple F1 and H1B appointments without any issues. This is the first time I have faced anything like this. Has anyone else seen similar behavior? Any clues what might be wrong?

Did you try using a different browser or computer. Is there any pop-up blocker or weird browser extension that is screwing you the access?

I tried Chrome, Edge and firefox. All show the same behavior. Infact, if I login using my wife’s account, we can process her appointment as normal. So this makes me believe that my account is blocked/locked for some weird reason.