Unable to add dependents while booking visa slot

Hello Everyone,

I am facing issue in ustraveldocs.com, while trying to add my dependent wife, visa options are not showing after i fill the basic details

Could someone guide me how to resolve

Contact VFS


Hi ,
I am facing same issue while adding my dependent wife.
Can anyone guide further.

Option 1:
When I use my primary login Id to complete the appointment steps, I was unable to add my dependent as it said the profile is already existing
" Your personal details match a profile which already exists in our database. The User ID of that profile is ‘xxxxx’. If you created this profile in the past and forgot the password, please use the ‘Forgot your password?’ function on the login screen. If this user name isn’t familiar to you, please contact our helpline through the Provide Feedback option in the left menu or by sending an email to our helpline. Please don’t forget to attach the scanned copy of your passport’s data page to your feedback message/email."

Option 2:
So as per US visa help desk suggestion, I created a profile for the dependent applicant to complete the appointment steps . But again, once passport details are entered and while n the visa options screen, I get this error
“No primary contact found on dependent contact 320c3ac4-7534-ee11-a81c-001dd80a6d91”

Basically I am neither able to add my daughter as dependent using the add dependent link in the primary applicant profile Nor able to create application separately in the dependent applicant profile Can anyone help me

just go to profile and add primary applicant’s email id in “contact email”. this should resolve the error “No Primary contact found on dependent”