Typos in I-129 Approved H1b

Hello Sir,

  1. Actual applicant is FEMALE, but in 1-129, its marked as MALE

  2. X-YYY-14053-ZZZZZZ in I129, but the attached LCA document says it is X-YYY-14071-ZZZZZZ, the last 6 digits is same in the two documents, only the third portion is different

however, the petition has been approved, could it be that they were ok with the typos, since the attached Passport has actual gender mentioned and the attached LCA being valid? will there be any problem at consulate when attending the interview for stamping? Kindly suggest if this case need amendment before attending the consulate for VISA stamping, because it was a general opinion that amendment is required only if there are changes in employment terms. Your prompt response and advice are highly appreciated

Thanks in Advance