Typo in NIE application


I have applied for NIE couple of weeks ago. I made a typo in the subject I copied the format from internet but missed to change some text

Re: Requesting Expedited Visa Appointment under National Interest Exception: Critical Infrastructure/Critical Manufacturing

But I already have valid visa. I needed permission to travel. All other information is OK.

Its been two weeks I have not got any reply back. Should I send another email with corrected text?
Will this mistake affect my future entry into US. In the automated mail that I got there was a bold text Submitted data that contains errors or that does not match the data in the passport/visa may prevent proper processing of NIE approvals and ultimately lead to denial of boarding or entry into the United States.

I am really paranoid

Kindly Suggest

Yes, you should send a fresh email.

No, it shouldn’t.

No need to worry, typing errors are common and should not be any base for denial of entry to the US.

Thanks Kalpesh.

I have sent a fresh email with corrected text. But I have not received any automatic reply. Fingers crossed I will get any response this time.

Did you get the approval? I also applied and did not get any auto reply. Do I need to resend the fresh email.