Two I-94s Consolidation or correction?

I have came to USA in 2013 and my I-94 generated showed my name as my First Name and Last Name. I recently switched employer and got my H1 visa transffered, my visa was stamped in Paris. This time my I-94 shows, Given name as FNU and Last Name = First+last name.

I went to USCIS for correction also visited the Indian Consulate for help but did not get any help.

I have to apply for my parents visit visa, but the issue is I have two I-94 and both have different travel records because of my name. Is there a process to make a correction or merge the I-94 information? Will it affect the tourist visa sponsorship to my parents? if not which I-94 should they carry or both?

Kindly help I really need answer and guidance.

In cases where you have multiple I-94’s, the latest one of the two is your current I-94. I-94’s are handled by CBP (Customs) not by USCIS. So don’t worry, you will not have any issues, just use the most recent I-94, the previous one becomes invalid as soon as you get a new one.

The name also should not be an issue, as your I-94 is connected with your passport number.