Two H1B Applications can be applied at a time ?

Hi Friends,

Please suggest me on my below questions,

I was in US on L1 B visa for two years but currently Im in India.

In the 2014 April 1st , Im planning to apply two H1b applications.

  1. Im working for one of the MNC company in India and my company is going to apply H1B

  2. Im planning to apply another H1B application from one of the US Consultantancy

As I hope there will be lottery , so Im planning to apply two H1B applications, My questions are

Can we apply Two H1B applications at a time ? what will be the impacts is two applications will get cancelled or

USCIS will accept the applications ?

Please do suggest me .



U can file two petitions from different employers… Not a problem…

U can withdraw any if both picked in lottery…

Thanks a lot Rana …
Is it mandatory to with draw any one petition from both?? bcz none of the employers knows that Im going to file more than one H1B .

Please let me know .

Not Mandatory… U don’t need to withdraw till U go for stamping… However U can only get stamped once by one Employer only…

Thank you Rana !!!