Two H1 B in progress when currently on L1

I have two H1 B petitions filed and one got approved and other one is in progress. Currently I am on L1.

  1. Does the status automatically change to H1 B on Oct 1 2012? Is the status specific to a particular H1B approved?

  2. Do I have to withdraw the ongoing H1B petition - I donnot want it anymore but cannot inform the employer since the other job doesnt start till Oct 1 2012

  3. If the second H1 B gets denied - will it have a negative impact in future?

  4. Is it a legal requirement that I remain employed till 30th Sept with my L1 employer or can I be on L1 but put down the resignation earlier?

Thanks in advance


  1. Your status will automatically change to H1, if the petition was filed w/ COS.

    1. I am not sure if you can withdraw petitions once filed. Even if that is allowed, USCIS may not refund the Fees.

    2. I don’t think there will be any negative impact.

    3. As per my understanding, yes you need to be employed till 30th September so that you are in valid status. However, you may put your resignation earlier, but make sure your last working day is within few days prior to 30th September.