Trying to book Dropbox appointment for Nov 2022

I am eligible for interview waiver and want to book a dropbox appointment in the month of November 2022.

Do anyone have more information on this or suggest something?

When I login into the website, it displays the following message. My question is if the below message is applicable for dropbox appointments as well or can I make the dropbox appointment for the month of Nov 2022?

" Appointment slots in October 2022 and later are just place holder appointments that will enable you to submit an expedited appointment request. We will cancel these place holder appointments at a later date. Please only book these appointment slots if you have a genuine emergency and be sure to request your expedited appointment as soon as possible after scheduling this placeholder appointment."

The system will walk you through the dropbox eligibility questions and then provide you with available date/time. Don’t worry about the above message.