Trivalley university student applied for the H1B

Hello There,

I am an ex Trivalley University student. I took voluntary departure from USA in the month of July 2011 after appearing for the hearing in the court. At that point of time I was working for a company and then quit the job and came back to native country India. While I came back from USA , another employer applied for my H1B in Aug 2011, I got first RFE in Jan 2012, which was replied in Feb 2012 end and then there was no completion of RFE review on my case till July 2012 and my employer asked for the status of the application.

In Sep 2012, my employer got to know from USCIS that there is some security checks going on my case and it might take up to six months for the decision .

On 30th Nov 2012,I was browsing the USCIS status check website and got to know that they have issued an second RFE on my case. But my employer has not received the second RFE till now.

Could you please guide me for the same and a possible plan of action for the same.



It is not possible to provide an answer unless you know what the subsequent RFE is about.