travelling with unexpired petition and I-94 with H1B extension in process


I have valid H1B petition (I-797) valid till March 2017. So I-94 attached to that is also valid till March-2017.

I was already in US(student visa) when H1B was approved. I have not traveled internationally after that so I do not have a stamp in passport.

I want to travel in Jan-Feb to India but petition and I-94 is expiring in March 2017. I have the H1B extension filed.

So can I travel with the receipt of H1B extension and re-enter? What will happen to I-94? Will my new I-94 for the H1B extension get void? If yes, what is the I-94 extension process?

Sorry for too many questions.

you need to get the new valid visa stamped into your passport before you can enter into United States.