Travelling to US with stamped for EmployerA and offer with Employer B

Dear All,

I have an approved H1 valid from OCT 2014 to Sep 2017 for the Employer A. I Have the docs - Petition no with I797C form, H1 petition Approved document form - original I797B form, LCA letter, completeH1 document which sent to USCIS and Client letter.

Based on above docs, I completed the stamping for myself and my family(H4) as dependants. My passport has the H1b Visa sticker which has the name of Employer A.

I have resigned my current company (employer 0) and serving the noice period till Oct 2014. So I planned to reach US to work for the employer A starting from mid of Nov 2014

At this moment, I saw few openings available in US which matches my skill set. Incase If I apply for those new job for the employer B and they are willing to take me… correct me if Im wrong they does the following

  1. Emp B will apply for H1 Transfer through Cap exempt. (Assume the new petition is raised and approved within 15 days. thru premium processing)

  2. Do I need to go for stamping again showing the Employer B documents? Since my passport shows the H1B visa sticker stating the Emp A name. Is there any possibility of stamping gets rejected ? What should I say ?

  3. Incase If Im not going for stamping and fly directly to US with the stamped details of Employer A, will there be a problem at Point of Entry ?

  4. Does my Employer A came to know that the petition is moved to another employer B ?

Please advice me.
I planned to take my family after two months of my US Travel. will there be a problem for them ?

Many thanks for your help.





I am also Same situation now… Can you please suggest me on this( my h1b is approved from employer B)