Travelling to US when H1B petition transfer is till in progress


I have approved H1B petition and stamping on my passport with my old Employer A. I did not travel US or neither did I work for this Employer A. However, now I have an offer from a Employer B and they will do the H1B petition transfer. I have the following question?

  1. Can I travel to US now even though the transfer is still in progress?
  2. If yes, can I work for the Employer B immediately? Even though the transfer is in progress


You need H1B approval to enter in US on H1B. You cannot use the employer A’s approval, if you do not work for them. You can travel to US on Employer B’s Approval notice, once approved…

Thanks a lot for clarifying Kumar.

Can you travel in between jobs while still in US? I have an H1B with employerA and a valid stamp in passport for the same. I have an approved I797 from employerB and I intend to take a few days off after last day at employerA and joining employerB to travel outside the country (Mexico). Will there be issues with reentry? Can I use employerA’s stamp and employerB’s I797 to reenter US?

@nvsr I answered your question in other thread.

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