Travelling to US for the first time with 2 months Visa validity

I have my visa valid and petition from Nov 15th 2016 to Nov 14th 2017. I have my amendment raised and will be travelling by 14th September 2017.


  1. Will the Airline officials at Airport in India allow me to board the flight with only 2 months visa validity left?

  2. What are the risks at POE with short visa validity?

  3. My petition was applied for one project and I will be travelling for different project with amendment receipt number, What kind of questions are situation will I face at POE?

Kindly assist me with the above questions with current situation.

Thanks in advance!!


I am also in the same boat. When did you file your amendment and how much time it took for the receipt notice? Appreciate your response.

Can you please help us out here?