Travelling to India while L1 to H1 COS in progress

Hi Thanks for wonderful forum.

Please answer my following doublts, I am in US on L1 currently and my L1 to H1 COS has been filed on 6th June. It is still in process.

  1. While L1 to H1 with COS approval is pending, I have to travel to India in August 2nd week for very urgent work, that I can not miss.

  2. I am planning to come back to US after 15 days i.e on 1st Sept, on my current L1 visa as it is valid till Dec 2012. Can I travel back? Will it affect H1 processing?

  3. What if my H1 get approved while I am India? As H1 will get effective from Oct 1st, Can I still travel on valid L1? Will my travel affect the H1 visa processing?

  4. After 1 month of US stay on L1, I will travel back to India in October 2012 and will wait there for H1 get approved, if not approved till the date and than will go for Stamping there? Is it possible?

Please help!

I have the same question if you got the answer can you please also forward me that?