Travelling to India while having valid H1B Petition but pending H1B Amendment


I have a valid H1B Approval notice (Valid till March 2019) and would need to go to India for Visa Stamping in next couple of weeks.

I got my approval notice in July 2016. My client got changed in end of July 2016 and he asked me to raise LCA for 2 locations as they were expecting me to work intermittently from both the locations. As per my employer, I don’t need LCA for one location as it is in the same MSA but would need to file an Amendment for the second location.

The H1B Amendment was submitted in last week of July 2016 and is still pending. I would need to travel to India for Visa stamping in next couple of weeks. Please help me understand if there is any risk in getting my Visa stamping rejected due to this? I am not working at the location filed in the Amendment. I provided the approved location in my DS 160 (The one at which I am currently working).

Thanks & Regards,

Ashish Sharma