Travelling to India on an existing stamped Visa, while changing jobs.

Hi ,

My Visa got stamped last year and is valid thru 2014, I got an offer from other company and they are transfering my H1 and will be joining the new firm by late June.I want to travel to India before I Join the new company.The H1 may get transfered when I am in US or may be when I am in India. Please let me know if I would get any issues while comming back to US once my H1 has been transfered to the new company. And what new documents do I need to come back to US.

You should be able to use the same STAMPED VISA that you have with a different company provided you have the CURRENT (NEW) EMPLOYER’s petition with you that you need at the port of entry…Even if you make another H1 transfer after you enter into the US…your stamped Visa can still be used to go back to India and coming back to the US till it is valid and you have a valid petition with any company.