Travelling to India for stamping with Dropbox (same employer, same position)

I and my wife have been in the US on H1B and H4 visas respectively since 2019. I got my recent extension approved in April 2020 and my wife got her H4 approval recently in December 2020 (both till 2022).

We want to travel to India around Feb 2021 and were wondering if we could get our visas stamped via dropbox (IF we get an appointment).
Also, if there would be any problems coming back to the US considering the extended travel ban?
I have been working with the same employer in the same position since 2019, by the way.

No, you should be fine as you are eligible.
Now, there are few instances, where few got 221g and could not get stamping during dropbox. So, no one knows that part… If all goes well, there should not an issue to get back.