Travelling to home country needed for H1B extension ?

Hi ,

I am currently working in US under H1B visa which expires on 06-Feb-2013 and my I-94 expires on 5-Feb-2013. Kindly suggest answers for the below questions.

  1. Do i need to travel to my home country(India) for my H1B visa extension?

  2. Before when i need to apply for extension?

  3. Will there be any PA for this or it is just the documents processing?

  4. What is the minimum period of the H1B visa extension as per the latest policy?

  5. Suppose if i apply for extension and it doesnt get approved till my visa expiry date(i mean if it is still under processing) , do i need to leave US and come back after it gets approved?

  6. Is updation of I-94 expiry date or issuing a new I-94 a part of H1B extension process or do i need to do that separately.

  7. How much time it will take for the complete H1B extension process?

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