Travelling to Canada from USA to get F1 (presently on H4)


I’m currently enrolled in a US university for an MS course and have completed one semester on H4 visa. I need to get the F1 visa stamped and am considering the available options.

Previously, I was considering applying for COS however after learning from a few posts on redbus as well as internet search, I’ve figured its a very time consuming process and involves serious vetting from USCIS as well.

So I’m considering travelling to Canada to get F1 visa stamped.

Can somebody please guide me if this is a good option or not?What kind of documentation should I take with me for the Visa interview?What kind of questions should I expect at the Interview?Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I am in a similar situation. Have you visited Canada for F1 stamping? If so, please share your interview experience and is it approved.

Thanks in Advance.


Yes, I did get my F1 stamped from Canada. It was a pretty simple and regular process just as getting an F1 from anywhere else would be (going to Canada made no difference at all). Nothing to worry about.

Steps that I followed -

  • Got my Canadian Visitor visa first
  • Then, fill up DS160 for F1 visa
  • Schedule a visa interview at any of the consulates (I scheduled mine at Toronto consulate).
  • Carry all the required documentation - financial documents, university admission documents and any other supporting documentation

The Interview process was just normal questions like -
— Where are you from?
— What degree are you pursuing? Why this degree?
— Why this university or location?
— How would you cover the expenses for your studies?

Answer confidently and if you have all supporting documentation, you should get your visa easily.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!

Thanks Sonia. This really helps me. When did you get stamped, this year or last year?

Hi… I have few questions regarding Canada visa process…Can you please share your email id so we can connect.

Appreciate your help on this. Thank you.

Hi Sonia, Can you share your email ID please? I am in the same boat and would like to connect please. Thank you

This is Pooja and i am currently on H4 and am planning to change my status to F1 so that i can start studying in F1 visa. So did you go to Canada and get your F1 interview done? Did you get your F1 visa? Please help me, I am really in a rollercoaster ride right now.

Thanks a lot in advance

I am in same situation, and even my h4 visa got expired… could you please share ur experience

Hi ,

Can someone please share any recent experience, does anyone got approved from Canada. I’m in same boat (have valid H4) and will be applying for F1 from Canada, any inputs/advice on this or should I travel to India for stamping ?

Hi everyone,

I am on H4 visa and I am planning to study. I applied at couple of universities and got admission in one of the university. My term starts from May 2020. Before that I want to convert my visa and get f1 visa stamped. I was initially planning to visit my home country India during the month of April and get the visa stamped. Due to the current scenario of corona virus, it’s not possible for me to travel to India, therefore I’m planning to get my visa stamped in Canada. I want some advices and suggestions is Canada a good option to get f1 visa stamped ?


Were you able to get your visa done. I too have to convert before Fall, please share your experiences.

Hi ,
Could you please tell me if you got your F1 done from Canada or chose any other option .
I am in the same situation .
Request help.

Hi, could you get F1 visa in Canada? I would appreciate your help. Really stuck and need help on this.