Travelling on B1 when my H1 is approved

I have a valid B1 visa and my H1 petition got approved but not attended visa interview.

The new project is going to start next week and my employer wants me to travel to US for 4 weeks for inception of project and later when i come back to india I will go for H1B interview.

Does this travel creates a problem in H1B interview as i am travelling to same client & same project for which i have filed H1B. Does VO question about the working on B1 visa? (actually its just project startup meetings).

I saw similar queries but none of them are answered clearly.



These days VOs are very much interested in what people do on their B-1 trips due to often misuse of this visa. When the stay is more than 2-3 months, it raises a flag and then become more inquisitive.

As you will be travelling for 1 month, it should be fine. Still make sure that you do only those tasks which are covered under your B-1 visa. Also be ready w/ clear responses about your trip (in case VO questions about it during H-1 interview).

Thanks Saurabh :slight_smile: