Travelling India on H1-B and stamping


I came to US on H4 in 2008 then started studying masters and changed my visa to F1. After graduating I found a direct full time job with a small company (not consultant) in april 2012 and they filed for my H1-B and got approved. I never visited India between 2008 and now and am skeptical about the stamping process. My questions are as follows:

  1. Does these changes in visa status in past 5 years affect stamping or re-entry to US? (coz I have heard horrific stories about ppl getting I-121g slips)

  2. My current employer is a small company with 50-60 employees, does that affect?

  3. I am also planning on working remotely as I don’t have lot of vacation days but still want to stay more days with parents. Does that affect stamping / re-entry ?

  4. What preparation would I need to minimize the risk of getting i-121g or any such slips that doesnt allow re-entry to US ?

I would really appreciate if someone could answer these doubts.