Travelling during Notice Period (not grace period)

Hello, I just got laid off and my last working day is June 28. However, I am under notice period until August 26. Although my last working day is on June 29, I was told my firm’s attorneys that my last official day on H1B is August 26 (which is when my notice period ends).

I have a valid I-797 and stamped H1B visa. If I travel out of USA, can I re-enter using my current visa, provided I come back before notice period end date (August 26)?


Will your employer be generating pay stubs and will be paid after June 29?
I dont recommend travel in your situation. Instead you should plan on change of employer before you last day at current job.
That said , consult your employer’s immigration lawyer and follow their advice.

Yes, I will be getting paid as usual during my notice period. We were told that any status change needs to be done on or before August 26 (and not June 28). Also, I was told that if I join another firm between June 28 and August 26, I will not get paid (just like if I was not laid off and I were to quit and move to another job).

This is what is confusing me. My severance pay starts after August 26. My last working day is June 28, but I am considered employed until August 26 with normal paystubs running (including retirement contributions etc).