Travelling Back to India with Valid i797 project closed

I work for an Indian MNC my h1b extension got approved and i have valid i797 copy valid up to 2018. I have plan to travel India and my company have booked Visa Stamping Interview at US consulate in India on Dec 2016 but unfortunately my project got over in my client place My company ask me to go to India by oct 2016 end

I want to know whether I can attend the Visa Stamping Interview on Dec 2016 or I need to Wait for the new project and get a new LCA and then attend the interview with my existing i797

Please Advice


If you appear for stamping w/ the closed project’s documents, and if consulate decides to do check w/ the client, what will happen?

As long as consulate doesn’t verify with the client, you may get the approval. However, you would be a in fix if they do decide to do background check w/ the client.