Travelling as L2 dependent without quitting the Job in home country

During Visa interview, my spouse has indicated that he would have to give up his current position to travel to the US when the Visa officer enquired about employment plans.

Now his company is offering him to stay on role until end of March 2017 by availing his undue leaves for a month and opting for sabbatical leaves for the rest couple of months.

His company is in agreement to let him travel and resign from the US.

But now, can my spouse still remain employed in the home country on a paid leave / loss of pay while travelling with L2 Visa?Are there any additional documents required to prove this at port of entry or while applying for EAD?

This is a simple short term extension of role. It is important that your spouse is not paid in the US by the foreign company or it is a violation of L-2 statute. The situation has no affect on L-2 EAD application and no additional proof is needed at port of entry. A no objection to travel letter from present employer will give your spouse some peace of mind but to be shown only if asked.

Please do let me know during interview if he has given any proof of leaving his current job/approval letter for sabbatical leave? I am also facing same condition so would like to know if these documents are mandatory.