Travelled on B1 to US with H1b Approved

I got H1b Approved but I traveled to US on B1 visa, After enter my employer did Amendment on my Status. After got Amendment I started project after 3 months period. Now on sudden trip I came to India. Need to go H1b VISA Stamping now. I need help in this regards what questions VISA officer ask at US Consulate. Did they raise a question about 3 months on bench my employer did not run payroll. Please guide me to get well things done at Consulate and POE. I do have all the documents, letters and email communication. How to answer if they ask “why you traveled on B1” and “3 Months Bench”.

You will answer that the visit on B-1 was to evaluate the appointing company and 3 months were needed for that purpose. Do remember that your status change request while in the US will be questioned. Did you plan it all along or was it a sudden decision?

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, hopehumanityATgmailDOTcom