Traveling to India when H1B transfer is approved but H1B amendment is pending


I recently got my H1B transfer approved and joined the new employer. After joining, the new employer has filed for H1B amendment for client address change and it is pending with the uscis. I also have a visa stamp from my previous employer valid till May 2016. In such case, can I travel to India and come back without any issues and without any stamp in my passport for new employer and with H1 amendment pending with the new employer ?

Do you plan to work at old client location after returning? You can reuse the old visa stamp, but the current approved petition allows you to work at old location and not new.

But uscis website says I can start working in the new location once amendment is filed with them and need not wait for approval.

In that case you should be all set. I assume you will consult your attorney as well before leaving US.