Traveling to home country after H1b extension

My H1B visa got expired on the month of September 2015. I applied for the extension before 2 months and got my approved petition in hand(on February 2016). But in the petition, I noticed that the visa validity start date is February 2016 (and not Sep 2015; So there is a gap from September to February wherein I do not have any status). Also please note that in the petition document the applied start date is from October 2015.

The issue has been raised with USCIS and the I am awaiting response for the same.

I am planning for a vacation on April. I need to go for stamping and get H4 visa for my family as well. Is it possible to travel and get the visa stamped from home country under this circumstance? Your response will be appreciated.

I don’t think it is an issue as your extension was timely filed and USCIS made an error. Carry all documents like 797 receipt to show it was timely filed, 797 approval notice and your recent amendment petition filed w/ USCIS for correction.

Also, check w/ your attorney.