Travelig on H4 Visa while H1b is filed


I came to US on H4 Visa in May 2013. I didnt receive I94 but stamp on passport as per the new rule. My H1b Visa wasn’t selected in lottery this year.

I will be filing my H1b Visa next year.

  1. I wanted to know if I travel to India after filing my H1b visa ( in month of May) by then we assume it will be in pending state, then can I travel back on H4 Visa and continue with same COS.

  2. Or If I travel to India prior to filing (April,1) and file from India and come to US on H4 Visa and then can I apply COS?

  3. Or If I travel to India after my H1b gets approved before or after Oct,1. Then do I have to go for H1b stamping while coming to US or not?

Please share what would be the safest advice for me as I dont want to waste next year again.

dont wanted to take any chance next year.