Travel with Digital H1B Transfer Approval


I am a Canadian and have intl travel plans coming up that would likely be after my email approval for H1B transfer but before I get the physical approval notice. Can I leave the country and return with only a digital email approval copy?

If this is of any relevance, I intend to start my new job after returning to the US.

Thanks a lot if anyone can help me clarify

Ideally you must carry copy of I-797 approval notice however you can explain the CBP about your situation and may show email approval. They should be able to validate the USCIS approval in their system.

Make sure to carry below documents along with other supporting documents.

  1. a copy of your complete H1B petition packet, 2) last three pay stubs ( even if from old employer),
  2. employment offer letter from the new employer.
  3. copy of all past I-797/I-94

Thank you so much Kalpesh!!

One follow-up question - If the CBP officer chooses to not recognize the digital approval as valid, what would the consequence/escalation be? I’m trying to figure out what’s the ‘worst-case-scenario’.