travel while filed for H4 to H1b visa transfer


I am planning to file for H4 to H1b Visa .The consulting company is putting a condition on my travel during this time(april to october).They said there is lot of implications that arise once we travel during that tenure.Anybody suggest if there is any available workaround for this situation or if anybody might have faced the issuee.



Yes, it is better to not travel when CoS is in process. When you travel back to India you will need to return your H4 I-94 based on which the change of status has been filed. In such a case an RfE might be issued or even if approval comes, it will be without an I-94 - which means you cannot start working from October 1st. You will need to go back to india, get visa stamping and get a fresh I-94 issued during entry with H1 stamp on it.

hope this clarifies.