Travel when H1B transfer is going on in premimum processing

hi Friends,

I have a question:::::
I am working with Employer A. I already have the H1B stamping of Employer A on my passport.
Just 2 days back Employer B applied for H1B transfer in premimum processing.
I have to go to India today itself for an urgent personal matter and plan to return on the 7th of Jan.
Can there be any problem on POE or with H1B transfer petition.
Employer B said he recieved the receipt notice Yesterday.


Talk to your Employer B immigration attorney, they will be the best to advise you. I assume you haven’t resigned from employer A yet, your transfer case may have a decision by Jan7th most likely.

If you really need to go, carry all the documents such as employer A approval form, transfer receipt notice. In case transfer is approved before you arrive, you would receive the approval notice in email, so have that too, as proof during entry.