Travel to US with Previous Employer H1 Visa Stamp with new I797 B approved petition from new employer

Hi I have valid H1B stamping from previous employer and new I 797 B petition from new employer. (1)Can i use the old visa stamping which is valid and new I 797 petition approval from new employer to travel to US. kindly note new petition was applied while i am in my home country. (2)Does I 797 B petition approval mandates that i have to go to consulate for stamping even if i have stamping for same visa classification h1 and with validity on that. Please advise.

  1. Yes. Make sure you show both new petition and old visa stamp at PoE so that the officer gives I-94 based on new employer and not the old one.

  2. No new stamping is required as long as the old visa stamp is still valid.

I’m in the same situation but can I still travel with the new approved H1 even if my old H1 is revoked(I have the stamping validity till 2019) ?