Travel to US with H1B Visa stamping of old employer with expiry date as Dec 2018 and approved petition of new employer

Hi all,

I am currently working with Employer A and got H1B Visa stamping done with Employer A and expiry date as Dec 2018. I have previously travelled to US with employer A and have SSN number for short term. Now I got new petition approved from Employer B while I am in India. Now, can I travel to US, during Nov 2018?

  1. After resigning from Employer A in Oct 2018 and then showing the visa of employer A & approved petition of employer B (Petition approved till August 2019)

  2. WIth expiry of Visa stamping as Dec 2018, travelling in Nov 2018 (just one month before expiry)

Employer B is suggesting to travel without visa stamping. Require suggestions and would like to know if there would be any issues at PoE (Point of Entry)?

Thanks in advance