Travel to US with 1 month validity of H1B Visa and to apply extension

Hi , I have my H1B visa upto Dec 21st 2012. I am planning to travel to US by Nov 17th and then apply for the H1B extension. I am going through the same company who filed my H1B.

I would like to know whether this is a good option (as i dont have any payslips for the last 4 months, until May i was in US so i have Pay slips upto May).

Also i am planning to go for the premium processing to bring my wife.

Kindly let me know your views. It would be really helpful to make my decisions.

Thanks, Vijay.

I personally feel you should not have an issue at the POE, but it would be good if you applied for the extension before you travel.

Talk to your company lawyer and check if you can apply for an extension now and get it approved through premium processing even before you travel to be on safer side. ( I know you can apply 3 months before the visa expires).


Agree w/ ramanan256. It would be better to file extension in PP while you are still outside of US, and then travel to US. Payslips are not required for the period you were outside of US.

In case the extension is not filed before you reach US, you can still enter US and file extension ASAP. You would be issued I-94 until 797 expiration date, and extension needs to be filed prior to that date.