Travel to Mexico by Cruise from US while H1B in process


One employer have filed my H1B (COS) i.e H4 to H1 on 30th May 2012 and it is in Initial Review status.

I am travelling to Mexico for 4 days round trip by Cruise(will be in Cozumel,Mexico for half a day).

Could you please let me know if I travel to Mexico while my H1B is still in process,H1B application will be abandonded?Does my I-94 will get renewed if we travel to mexico and reenter US by cruise?Is it risky to travel until my H1 is not approved?

I will finalise my trip based on the replies…

Thanks in advance.



I am not sure, but I heard somewhere, if your H1B petition is pending , going outside the country means there cant be COS to your h1b from H4. Then you have to do a consular processing to start your work .But you can enter in your port of entry with your H4.