Travel to India with amendment in process with stamping via dropbox

Hello All,

My H1 got expired by Aug 2020 and extension has been approved with the same employer (A). H1 transfer is done to different employer (B) by April 2021 for the same client and location. Due to some reasons i can’t continue with the same client and started working for a different client with same employer (B) in the same location remotely from home address. Recently they have filed amendment with LCA ( 2- addresses are same & 3rd one - new client location) and am yet to get receipt number. Based on current 48-month rule eligibility got a drop box appointment for Jan 18th, 2022. Since my amendment is in progress and it is filed in normal processing, whether is it good to go for stamping or should i need to ask my employer for premium processing so that will amendment results before going for stamping ? If i get stamping without amendment result as it will be in progress, will there be a problem at port of entry ?

Please help to clarify on my situation am confused.


If you go for stamping while your amendment is in progress, there is a high chance you will be issued 221g. I would highly recommend to upgrade to PP and get the approval before stamping.