Travel to India while I-485 is pending


My EB2 Priority Date is Apr 2014. This month, filing has been done I-485, along with Applications for EAD and Advance Parole. I still haven’t even received the receipt notices yet.

May I know what will be the consequences if I had to Travel to India now ? . My current H1B stamped visa is valid till Sep 2023. Will the Advance parole (I-131 ) Application be abandoned if I make a international travel now and return back within a month ? Suggestions on this is greatly appreciated.

Yes it will however there will be no impact on AOS and EAD.
If you wish to use AP for travel in future, you will need to reapply for AP. If you are going to maintain H1B status till you get your GC and will use H1B visa for travel back to the US, no need to apply for AP.