Travel to India while H1B filing - COS vs Consular processing


I am on F1 OPT, and my employer is going to file H1B this year (2020). So, as we know that there is change in H1B process now according to COMPLETE Guide to H1B Registration Process, Lottery, Dates[2022] . Can I travel to India in April for 3 to 4 weeks? Will the United States allow me to enter the country?
P.S. my F1 is going to expire in July 2022.

If you have valid visa and you have all documentation like valid OPT card, I20, etc. you will be fine to exit and re-enter…the issue is with your H1B applying as Change of Status. If they apply as COS, then if you leave the country during the process, then the COS will be abandoned…if it is filed as consular processing, then it does not matter…